Peter Evans is a highly talented artist working with a very wide range of mediums from scketching and painting to sculpture and print making. Having studied at Chelsea School of Art then obtaining a masters in exhibition design Peter is often inspired by gothic style imagery that is strong and powerful. His series on teeth is striking and provocative his drawing precise and highly technical. Peter is a draughtsman of exceptional ability.

Contact: Telephone: 07950 546187

Angus Brown is a an extremely talented photographic arist. Angus derives his inspiration from industial and natural scenes. His ability to create powerful imagery from seemingly simple subject matter is exceptional. His portraiture is both bold and expressive, currently work is focused on canal reflections at night. Joining the group Angus plans to become involved with electronic and more sculptural media.

Contact: Telephone: 07973145820

Chris James is a mixed media visual artist living and working in Stroud, Gloucestershire. Working predominantly with paint and building materials images are currently based on local landscapes, wildlife and people. Trained at Hornsey Art College in London in 1979 inspiration is currently derived from the expessionist era but especially Irene James grandmother and former artist working in Llandeilo, West Wales. Having lived as a child on the idilic Gower peninsula Chris has now established an annual art event, now in its sixth year where artists from around the Uk gather to create. 2018 Chris included a Residency in Farindola, Italy where three weeks were spent exploring methods of interpreting the surrounding environment and culture. Often working in situ in both urban and rural enviroments Chris completed a large scale Project for Gloucester City Council in 2016. Currently lecturing part time engineering design Chris was the founder member of theenigmatics.

Contact: The Pallette Studio, Cherry Cottage, Fidges Lane, Eastcombe, GL67DW. Telephone: 07511 899464

RoyExley is a sculptor based in Gloucestershire. He works principally with Portland Stone, creating small abstract sculptures whose forms are inspired by the modernist architecture of the international style architects, Erich Mendelsohn, Serge Chermayeff, Berthold Lubetkin, and Antonio Sant’Elia, and by the Suprematist aesthetic that foreshadowed their work. He is currently working on his ‘Architectonic’ series of sculptures which is deliberately retrospective in nature, prophesying, perhaps, a return to a modernist aesthetic as the pendulum of contemporary art swings back once again towards its sources. Roy was initially trained at the Hoathly Hill School of Sculpture in Sussex, and taught woodcarving and stone-carving at a Rudolf Steiner school in Sussex for more than 25 years. He gained an M.A. in Contemporary Art and Theory at Winchester School of Art in 1996, since which time he has been a freelance art critic writing for many national and international art magazines and journals. He has exhibited his work in the Towner Gallery, Eastbourne, Charlie Smith Gallery, Charlie Dutton Gallery and Lesley Craze Gallery, all in London, the Grey Area Gallery in Brighton, and at Gallery Nine in Bath.

Contact: Fidges Lane, Eastcombe, GL67DW. Telephone: 07941 367284

Brian Anderson is a sculptor based in Gloucestershire. is an arist working mainly in ceramics. Inspiration is derived from natural forms, current inspiration comes from manhole covers, grids and drains! These reveal a hidden history beneath our feet, which has translated into a unique range of pots. Brian's training involved a degree in Zoology from Cardiff University and a College Diploma in Fine Art at Carmarthenshire College of Technology and Art. Brian previously had a career as a model-maker and animator, his claim to fame being that he worked on the original Fireman Sam TV series. More recently Brian has used his technical skills to the advantage of the NHS creating face protection using a 3D printer. Brian has also created very popular light installations and is very much a multi disciplinary artist with a very wide range of technical skills.

Contact: Telephone: 07963074267

Richard Gibbs is a an emerging arist, one to whatch, working in mixed media, photography, collage, paint, print and drawing. Richard has recently completed training in Fine art and design at Stroud College with Distinction stars. His skills are multiple coming from a background renovating and building traditional Cotswold properties. With the ability to work in stone, metal, wood, his understanding of electronics and materials is second to none. From the creation of a matchbox camera to dismantling kitchen pots we await his work with great excitement and interest. A talented photographer and an extremely creative brain his work is multidimensional.

Contact: Nailsworth. Telephone: 07967591564

Nicholas Rommer Nick is a musician and sound engineer with over 10 years’ experience as a professional sound and electronic engineer, working for companies such as Hyundai and MTV. He has also been performing live for over 20 years . His intentions are to create and manipulate sounds; natural and artificial to create soundscapes and instrumental pieces. Initially his work will focus on producing sounds to interact with Engimatic art works but future intentions are to build and create electronic sculpture. He is also in a local band Stickman. Facebook


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